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10 Reasons Zika Should Worry/Not Worry You


Aedes Albopictus Mosquito

Zika virus has been in the news since the beginning of the year, and there’s a lot of information out there; some of it is reassuring and some, well, not so much. Here’s some things you should know that will make you worry/not worry about this infectious disease that’s been reported worldwide. 


Worrisome: Reported cases of Zika in the U.S. and its territories will soon hit 20,000. The number of Zika cases IN THE U.S. and its territories reported to CDC’s Arbonet (ARthropod-BOrne virus) national registry has risen to almost 19,000. With some researchers suggesting infection in one quarter of the population of Puerto Rico before the end of 2016, 20,000 cases might be a gross underestimation. read more

New Outbreak of Zika: Tip of the Iceberg?


Zika virus may now have a second local outbreak zone in South Florida: the popular resort destination of Miami Beach, where two new cases appear to be the work of local mosquitoes.

Just across Biscayne Bay from the current outbreak in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, Miami Beach has half of the hotel rooms in Miami-Dade County. At present, local politicians are denying the presence of Zika in Miami Beach. They have a reason to be concerned: A significant number of cases in the city could have an adverse effect on the 24 billion dollar annual tourist economy. read more

American Survival Radio #21


American Survival Radio

In this episode of American Survival Radio, a new list of bad outcomes in newborns from the Zika virus includes something called Arthrogryposis, a condition where limbs and joints are deformed and fixed in position. Although this may be seen occasionally as “clubfoot”, 6 of 7 microcephalic babies with Zika were found to have it in multiple joints, perhaps indicating major damage to nerves outside the brain from the virus.

Also, Joe Alton, MD travels to the Zika outbreak zone in Miami where, believe it or not, his dad had a business and the good doctor worked in his youth. He visits, amid areas of standing water, the grave of Miami’s first doctor and adds some thoughts on how things have changed in the Zika zone, and how things haven’t. read more

Zika Virus Now Local In The U.S.?


Aedes species mosquito

Reports from Florida are suggesting that local mosquitoes may have transmitted the Zika virus to two people. This is a new development that, if confirmed, validates the CDC’s prediction that local cases will be seen in warm weather states this summer.

As of July 20th, 46 states have reported more than 1400 cases of Zika infection, until now all travel-related. In the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, however, there are almost 4000 cases, almost all locally-transmitted.

Although Zika poses the most risk to pregnant women and their fetuses, the virus continues to defy expectation as new and unusual cases mount. The viral disease, transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, can attack brain and other nerve cells in fetuses, leading to microcephaly and other abnormalities  in growth and development. Zika has also been associated with nerve disorders in humans, including the paralysis-inducing Guillain-Barre Syndrome. read more

American Survival Radio No. 10

syrian refugees

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discover that a record number of Syrian refugees have been admitted in the last month to the United States, but not one of them is a Christian, the most persecuted group in the war zone. Why? Plus, more and more medical professionals and scientists are calling to cancel the upcoming Summer Olympics due to concerns about the Zika Virus. Is it a bad idea to have half a million tourists enter the epidemic zone?

Also, wonder what it’s like when a country is on the brink of disintegrations? Just look at Venezuela. The Altons give you a taste of what it’s like when the rule of law approaches non-existence, and what it would take for America to follow suit. Lastly, is taking a moral stand to sit out the 2016 election the right thing for NeverTrumpers, or are they just playing into the hands of those that would accelerate the downward spiral that’s happening right now? read more

Cancel or Move the Olympics


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A letter signed by 150 doctors and scientists has called for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to be moved or delayed due to the Zika virus. Rio is in the heart of the current epidemic.

Calling inaction “irresponsible” and “unethical”, the letter suggests that the Zika virus in Brazil is acting differently than it has in other areas, something I suggested may relate to a mutation in a recent article.

So make it 151 doctors and scientists. In my opinion, sending a half million tourists, not to mention athletes, to the  epicenter of a raging epidemic is, to say least, a bad idea. They’ll come from 170 different countries, get bitten by mosquitoes in Brazil, and head back home to have local mosquitoes spread the poorly-understood virus throughout the world. read more

American Survival Radio No. 8


On American Survival Radio No. 8, The Altons take a trip to the land up North, which has experienced an incredible wildfire that has burned 400, 000 acres and may burn for months. Find out how to mitigate damage to your home and your family if the flames head your way.  Plus, cancel the Olympics in Rio just because of one silly little pandemic? Might not be as bad an idea as you think, according to an article in a Harvard journal. Plus, what’s the bathroom bill really all about? An insight into what is really fueling the brouhaha that is taking our attention away from things like ISIS, Russia, China, Iran, and other pesky issues. read more

Politics Infects Zika Debate

As warmer weather arrives in the U.S., the population of Aedes mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus is set to explode. Yet, both the White House and Congress are in a battle over the efforts to prevent the epidemic from spreading to the nation.

The Obama administration has requested 1.9 billion dollars in funds to control mosquitoes and aid research into vaccines and treatment, but one congressman calls it a “slush fund” and states that the President has delayed action by refusing to outline a specific plan of action. read more

“Frankenbug” To Be Released into Environment


The Florida Keys get a visit from a genetically modified insect this Spring. What happens when a frankenbug comes to town?

The U.S. has gotten the go-ahead from the Food and Drug Administration to deploy a new weapon: a genetically modified male mosquito to fight the Zika virus. The FDA   has released  its environmental impact study of OX513A, a male Aedes aegypti mosquito genetically with a deadly gene it passes to offspring that prevents their maturation into adults.

Researchers also inserted a gene from a species of coral that makes the juvenile mosquitoes, also called larvae, glow in the dark, a process that also produces some of those fluorescent tropical fish you see at the pet store. Genetically modified organisms are becoming all the rage, with a new type of salmon developed that grows at twice the rate of normal salmon and even a pig that glows in the dark (don’t ask me why). read more

American Survival Radio #1

American Survival Radio

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