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American Survival Radio #3

American Survival Radio

In the latest episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss the story of Charles Richard Ingram, who burned himself to death in front of a VA clinic, and how it got to that point. Also, in a few years we’ll be short 1,000,000 doctors, especially in primary care; why can’t we get students to become family doctors? As well, Amy Alton is asked by Ballistic Magazine what three survival skills are most important in a disaster. Lastly, Joe and Amy Alton explain some arcane RNC rules that will impact who becomes the Republican nominee for president. All this and more on American Survival Radio! read more

Veteran Burns To Death Outside VA Clinic

veteran burn himself to death

When a navy veteran burns himself to death in a forest of bureaucrats, will you hear a sound? Hardly, if you’re listening to national news.

What does a veteran in need have to do to get an unresponsive government’s attention? Not even the smell of burning flesh gets the VA to realize the woeful state of our nation’s concern, or lack of it, for its men and women who served in the armed forces, or, apparently, even a moment’s notice from the commander in chief.

Charles Richard Ingram III, 51 years old and a father of two, walked nine miles from his home in Egg Harbor Township, NJ to the VA clinic in Northfield. The retired chief petty officer, who served from 1985-1992, stood on the lawn of the closed clinic, poured gas all over himself and lit a match, burning himself over 100% of his body. Despite bystanders rushing to his side, the damage was too much and he died. read more