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American Survival Radio #57

In this episode of American Survival Radio with hosts Joe and Amy Alton, we tell you a little story about a kid who takes a hand grenade everywhere he goes, and if you get him mad, he’s gonna use it. Guess who that kid is? Also, Ann Coulter jumps through hoops to get approval to speak at Berkeley, but the University is a harsh mistress and lays obstacles to free speech in…the “birthplace of free speech”.

Plus, 2 doctors and 1 other are arrested for performing female genital mutilation, sometimes called “female circumcision” on young girls, not in the Middle East, but in…Michigan. Lastly, the border wall may become a reality, but there are obstacles to an obstacle, it seems. Listen to the strategies the Left will use to frustrate those wanting a stronger border. read more

Is The Wall An Obstacle To…Itself?

(This article by Joe Alton first appeared in The Daily Caller)

Recently, President Donald Trump signed executive orders calling for the building of a wall on our southern border, as well as an expansion of border patrol forces and immigration officers.  Bids are coming in from construction firms, but will a wall ever get built? Or is the wall, or the mere idea of it, too big an obstacle to hurdle?

The president has said: “Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders…” read more

Barriers to a Barrier Wall

This article first appeared in the Daily Caller

Making good on one of his major campaign promises, President Donald Trump signed an executive action on Jan. 25th to plan for the construction of a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Immigration reform has long been one of Mr. Trump’s signature issues, and The Wall is the symbol of many American’s concerns about our porous southern border. Everyone wants security, and the presence of a substantial physical barrier is bound to deter some of the hundreds of thousands that seek to gain entry illegally. read more