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How a Fighter Pilot’s Strategy Could Save Your Life in a Terror Event

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It’s pretty clear in these uncertain times that there’s a New Normal out there. There will always be the possibility of a terror event or shooting whenever crowds of people gather. Almost daily, a terrorist or madman causes death and destruction somewhere. If you learn to be situationally aware, you won’t be a soft target for these savages.

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the OODA loop

The basics of situational awareness are described in what is called the OODA Loop. It was first devised by Air Force fighter pilot Colonel John Boyd. Originally meant to help in an aerial dogfight, it’s useful in all sorts of settings. The four steps of the OODA Loop are: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. It’s a loop because you go back to the observe step after you act, to determine if the situation has resolved or if further action is needed. read more

American Survival Radio #3

American Survival Radio

In the latest episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss the story of Charles Richard Ingram, who burned himself to death in front of a VA clinic, and how it got to that point. Also, in a few years we’ll be short 1,000,000 doctors, especially in primary care; why can’t we get students to become family doctors? As well, Amy Alton is asked by Ballistic Magazine what three survival skills are most important in a disaster. Lastly, Joe and Amy Alton explain some arcane RNC rules that will impact who becomes the Republican nominee for president. All this and more on American Survival Radio! read more