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The Covfefe Conspiracy


Covfefe'd Out of Office?

Covfefe’d Out of Office?

President Donald Trump likes using Twitter, and he unleashes firestorms in the media daily with his sometimes, ahem, less than eloquent remarks. But his latest tweet about all the “Negative Press Covfefeâ” is taking over the airwaves and giving new legs to the theory that Mr. Trump suffers from sleep deprivation. Scholarly publications like USA TODAY are trotting out numerous experts that point to the danger of having a sleep-deprived person (especially a Republican) in a position of power read more

American Survival Radio #35


American Survival Radio

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton explore whether demands for the popular vote (2 million in favor of Hillary Clinton) should stand instead of the electoral college, and give you an update on the protests from the terribly aggrieved anti-Trumpers.  associated. Plus, the Democrats and media have a theory on Trump: Is he a product of chronic sleep deprivation? Our doctor and nurse decide. Lastly, how come there are so many babies in Brazil with birth defects but so few anywhere else? Is there something else going on you should know about? read more

Democrats’ Explanation of Trump: Sleep Deprivation


In our roles as preparedness experts for disasters and epidemics, we’re often asked to come on various media outlets to give our opinion, mostly on medical issues. Sometimes it’s about current events relating to our podcast American Survival Radio. Rarer is the interview request that seems to be a medical topic but has obvious political overtones. Just yesterday, I received one of these when a radio station asked me to comment, as a doctor, on whether Donald Trump’s 4-Hour a night sleep habit “impacts his ability to make rational & sound decisions”. read more