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Orlando Shootings: More To Come, What To Do

active shooter

Active Shooters: What to Do

In the sad aftermath of the Orlando shootings that killed or injured more than 100 people, it has become clear to me that we’re in for a rough ride for the foreseeable future.

You might think that the “success” achieved by Omar Mateen in executing his terror event was a fluke. The sheer number of casualties was the most ever on American soil. The complexities of Mr. Mateen’s relationship with the community, having apparently visited the PULSE nightclub on multiple occasions, must make this a rare circumstance, right? Wrong. read more

Orlando Shootings about Terror, not Gun Control


In breaking news, the Islamic State has taken credit for its role in the deaths of 50 at the PULSE Orlando nightclub. The shooter, Omar Mateen, reportedly took issue with the behavior of club goers (according to his father) and initiated the rampage in the early morning hours. This event is consistent with Islamic State actions and philosophy. Indeed, the Islamic State has, in the past, thrown gay residents of cities it has captured off rooftops to their deaths.

Despite this, a local Islamic leader and certain members of the media are making this tragedy all about gun control and even the National Rifle Association. The shooter, a security guard, had a Florida concealed weapons permit. read more