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Vehicular Terrorism

CNN reports that a man in Berlin used a truck to plow through a group of people at a Christmas market, killing 9 and injuring 50 more. The tractor trailer appeared to deliberately ram through several stalls at what is estimated to be 40 miles per hour; German authorities are treating the incident, at present, as a terror event.

The attack appears to parallel the cargo truck killing of 86 people and the wounding of 434 others in Nice, France during a fireworks display on a national holiday. On a smaller scale, a Somali student at Ohio State University recently ran down a number of people before leaving his car and stabbing several others with a large knife. A pattern seems to be emerging where a vehicle is used to cause casualties in public spaces. read more

American Survival Radio #39

andrew hamilton


In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss Hamilton electors, the small group of the faithless who will vote against their constituents’ wishes because, well, they think they know better. Also, a few reasons why you shouldn’t just assume that Hillary Clinton would have won the popular vote even if those were the rules to begin with.

With Jim Comey back in the shadows and the recent recount fizzles, desperate anti-Trumpers have turned to Russian hacking as the reason that Trump should be denied the presidency. These are the same folks who pushed a big red “reset” button with Vladimir Putin and told us we were all going to be buddies, and laughed at Mitt Romney when he said the Russians were going to be a major geopolitical force again. read more

American Survival Radio #38


In this episode of American Survival Radio, hosts Joe and Amy Alton discuss faithless electors and their long-shot efforts to derail the election of Donald Trump. Plus, the press is crying out against the “lack of experience” of some of Trump appointees, like Ben Carson, but is a cabinet job, pardon the Carson pun, brain surgery? What you need and what you don’t to function in a cabinet post.

Also, the Oakland Warehouse fire claims 36 lives of people at a dance party, but was found to be an illegal residence, without fire alarms or sprinklers, that was, essentially, a death trap. Did Oakland City officials drop the ball by being “kind-hearted” to these squatters? No city inspector had entered the building for a decade despite building violation complaints (5 in the last 2 years). Find out more and what you can do to avoid finding yourself in this situation. read more

Oakland Warehouse Fire: Surviving in a Crowd


The fire in an Oakland warehouse that was a refuge for artists and a venue for dance parties has now claimed 36 lives with several persons still missing. In the past, I’ve written about safety in wildfires and also in homes over the years; this time, I’ll explore the issue relating to fires in public venues like concert halls.

Concerts and theatres have long been areas at risk for fire. In 1903, Chicago’s Iroquois theatre was the site of an inferno which caused 600 deaths. In 1942, the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston claimed 492 lives. In 2003, 100 perished in the Station nightclub in Warwick, R.I. during a concert by the rock band Great White. read more

The Castros: One Down, One To Go


Fidel Castro, long-time leader of a revolution that made one country, Cuba, into a desperately poor dictatorship for generations and inspired another, Venezuela, to follow in its footsteps, is dead. Heads of state from every corner of the world are stepping over each other in the rush to heap praise upon someone who was, essentially, a New World Stalin.

In India, the prime minister mourns him as a “great friend”. In Mexico, he’s being praised as a friend as well by the president, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau calls him a “legendary revolutionary and orator”. The Pope expressed a sense of grief at the death of Fidel Castro, an avowed atheist. Even President Obama expressed condolences to the Cuban people (at least those still alive). read more

American Survival Radio #35


American Survival Radio

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton explore whether demands for the popular vote (2 million in favor of Hillary Clinton) should stand instead of the electoral college, and give you an update on the protests from the terribly aggrieved anti-Trumpers.  associated. Plus, the Democrats and media have a theory on Trump: Is he a product of chronic sleep deprivation? Our doctor and nurse decide. Lastly, how come there are so many babies in Brazil with birth defects but so few anywhere else? Is there something else going on you should know about? read more

American Survival Radio #34


American Survival Radio

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton dissect the election results and weigh in on the protests that are sure to be a frequent occurrence throughout the Trump presidency. How everyone, except Amy of course, got it wrong (indeed, she forecast the “hidden” voter as the deciding factor)!

All this and more (isn’t it enough!?) on American Survival Radio #34!

Joe and Amy Alton

American Survival Radio

The Ingenuity of the Electoral College


The protests following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency have used as their excuse the popular vote victory of Hillary Clinton, probably at this point by a margin of a million votes. Of course, it’s ridiculous to think that leftists and other misguided folks wouldn’t have protested to the same extent even if Trump won the popular vote, as they think anyone who disagrees with them is racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and every other name in the book.

But let’s take a look at this popular vote thing, and the myth that the United States is a democracy. WHAT? Not a democracy? Burn that heretic! But it’s true, the United States is a democratic republic. The average citizen votes for representatives of their choice to go to battle for them in the government. read more

Protests and the Popular Vote


Donald Trump is our next president and the day after the election, several cities had protests that held up traffic and caused disruption of some services. Many of the participants in the protests were disappointed first-time voters who chose Hillary Clinton as their champion. Of these first time voters, the majority were likely in the millennial/college student demographic.

One news outlets interviewed a young Chicago resident named Michael Burke, who said he believes the president-elect will “divide the country and stir up hatred.” Of course, he was saying that as he was trying to divide the country and stir up hatred. He added something to the effect that he had a constitutional duty to be there. In other words, he had a constitutional duty to protest for the ouster of the constitutionally-elected president. read more

American Survival Radio #33


In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss the upcoming presidential election, with some advice to the Republican Party which should be heard, win or lose. How “Tribal Identity” politics could make the nation unrecognizable in the uncertain future…

All this and more in American Survival Radio #33

Joe and Amy Alton

American Survival Radio

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