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American Survival Radio #29


In this episode of American Survival Radio, Donald Trump has his work cut out for him in the second presidential debate, given the airing of crude remarks about women 11 years ago. What he needed to do to get over the brouhaha over his statements, and how it’s different for a private citizen (which he was at the time) than a elected political figure (Clinton) when it comes to being held accountable for past bad behavior. Plus, what is President Obama’s real legacy?

This and much more in American Survival Radio #29 with Joe and Amy Alton! read more

American Survival Radio #27


In this episode of American Survival Radio, the terror events in NYC and Minnesota are discussed, plus how you can avoid becoming a victim in one of the many terror acts to come? It can be done, but your mindset has to change. Also, The first debate between Donald and Hillary is discussed on the eve of the event, who will come out least wounded in what will surely be a wild ride?

Plus, Larry Keilberg, National Director of the National Association for Legal Gun Defense ( comes on to talk about the consequences of defending your home if it’s invaded or, really, any circumstance where a weapon is used in self-defense. Larry discusses ways that you can protect yourself from liability if you wind up being sued for wrongful injury or death after successfully fighting off an attack. read more

American Survival Radio #26


American Survival Radio #26

In this episode of American Survival Radio with Joe and Amy Alton, our hosts go whole hog into a discussion of Hillary’s Health, what’s up with that? As medical professionals, they go into each of her medical problems: Falls, fractures, hypothyroidism, blood clots in her legs and head, and much more. Also, what part would Bill Clinton play if Madame President becomes incapacitated?

Joe Alton also discusses the history of the first female (acting) president, Edith Wilson: When President Woodrow Wilson had a stroke in 1919, his wife Edith essentially took over his duties, dealing with Congress and the press at a time before the Vice President was mandated to take over (that occurred with the 25th Amendment almost 50 years later). read more