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Under The Heat Dome

heat stroke tiger

This summer is turning out to be a real scorcher, with the formation of a “heat dome” bringing some of the hottest weather so far this year to large swaths of U.S. territory this week.

Many consider a heat wave to be just a time to put an extra ice cube in the lemonade, but it’s a deadly natural disaster. More people die in heat waves in the U.S. than just about any weather event short of hurricane Katrina. A recent heat wave in the Southwest and West caused temperatures to reach 124 degrees Fahrenheit in Palms Springs, California and 115 degrees in Tucson, Arizona. The highest temperature on Earth ever recorded was 134 degrees in Death Valley, California in 1913. read more

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It’s A Cruel, Cruel Summer: Heat Waves

house on fire burning

Well, Summer is here and the West is experiencing record high temperatures in a series of heat waves that may continue until Fall. Even worse, the scorching temperatures are igniting scores of wildfires that are threatening communities throughout the region.

Officials predicted a high-risk situation as the heat surpassed 100 degrees across much of Southern California; desert cities throughout Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico hit temperatures reaching the 120s. These temperatures place the more than 3,000 firefighters in the area in extreme danger for heat-related complications. read more