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American Survival Radio #17


In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton welcome economic trend forecaster Gerald Celente for a discussion of what to expect from the U.S. and global economy in the coming months. If you want more evidence that we’re circling the drain, this interview is it. Plus, Joe Alton goes back in time to his article from 2012 which wondered if any Republican will ever be elected president again in the foreseeable future. Changing demographics in the U.S. have made formally red state a bright purple now, and the failure to attract Latino voters is only part of the reason. Also, the Democratic Party Platform for 2016 includes the usual hysteria about climate change, but the U.S. is only responsible for 16% of carbon emission production. Our inability to control growing economies like China and India guarantee that they’ll be using fossil fuels until they reach our standard of living. Is there really anything we can do about it, with developing nations saying “Oh, so you were able to use coal and oil for 150 years to become the world’s superpower, but we can’t? Doesn’t seem fair….” read more

The DNC Platform and Climate Change

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Bernie Sanders is having a good day. He’s thrilled to have influenced the most “progressive” Democratic Party platform since 1917. Oh wait, that was the communist revolution in Russia. I meant since the American Revolution.

Political platforms are manifestos outlining the druthers  of the party elite. They don’t carry the weight of law nor even the weight of a campaign promise. You’ll read candidates chided regularly for failing on a campaign promise (Obama 2007: “I can bring the country together…”), but how often do you read a hit piece on one of the parties not fulfilling a platform goal? read more