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American Survival Radio #22


In this episode of American Survival Radio, we focus on two recent natural disasters: The floods in Louisiana and the wildfires in California. We discuss all the latest news plus all sorts of tips that would help keep you, your home, and your family safe if you were caught in floods or wildfires. You might find it interesting that places that have wildfires become at risk for flooding later by “scars” that occur on the ground; water can’t absorb into the hardened soil and flash flooding can occur! read more

Rash of Earthquakes Hit The “Ring of Fire”

ring of fire

The “Ring Of Fire”

Some significant seismic activity has been reported this week, especially in the zone bordering the rim of the Pacific Ocean (sometimes called the “Ring of Fire”). It’s important to have a plan for earthquake survival so that your family will remain safe in what can be a major disaster.

Recent Earthquake Events


First, the news: 2 major earthquakes have hit Southern Japan, with hundreds of aftershocks and perhaps more on the way. Soon after, an even stronger quake struck Ecuador on the West Coast of South America. read more