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Donald Drop Out Drama


The Donald

The latest Donald Drama is whether Mr. Trump has the intestinal fortitude to continue in the race for President all the way to November.

The Republican candidate for President is floundering after a series of unforced errors that pitted him against a family that lost a son in the Middle East and his refusal to endorse members of his own party, including some that have endorsed him.

Donald Trump’s feud with the family of an Iraq war casualty has drawn condemnation everywhere, even though it’s possible that the father, Khizr Khan, once said that Sharia law should trump, pardon the expression, U.S. law (he denies it). Don’t expect to see that in the media. read more

American Survival Radio #6

fighter jets

On American Survival Radio #6, Joe and Amy Alton explore what would happen if Russia uses its ingenious brand of hybrid warfare on a Baltic state like Estonia. Estonia’s a member of NATO, but would the North Atlantic Treaty Organization come to the defense of a member state? The answer isn’t that clear. Also, a new prediction system for tornadoes may give a little more warning and save some lives…if it works. How can you survive if you find yourself in the crosshairs of a twister? Plus, why don’t people with admirable characters run for President or other high office anymore, leaving us with candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?  All this and more on American Survival Radio! read more

American Survival Radio #5

Andrew Jackson

Got change for a twenty? I’ll give you change, how about changing the face on the bill? Andrew Jackson (the first Democrat to be elected president gets tossed into the dustbin of history in favor of former slave, abolitionist, and Republican Harriet Tubman (of the famous Underground Railroad). American Survival Radio finds out how Jackson went from revered to reviled, plus a review of recent earthquake activity all over the Pacific Rim’s “Ring of Fire” and what you should do if you get caught in the middle of some major tremors. read more