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American Survival Radio #60

In this episode of American Survival Radio, hosts Joe and Amy Alton tackle the firing the FBI director James Comey by President Trump, and how Democrats who were calling for Comey’s head now are nominating him for sainthood. Plus, conservative Bret Stephens first article for the Washington Post causes an uproar as he barely criticizes climate change, if at all, but knee-jerk responses from the Left causes 1800 negative letters to the editor.

Plus, if you’re looking for a good reason not to continue the U.S. on a socialist path, look no further than Venezuela. The situation there, as described by Joe Alton, will make your hair stand on end. Lastly, a Hepatitis C epidemic due to the rise of opioid abuse in the U.S. is causing grave concern in the medical community. read more

American Survival Radio #37


Gen. Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss the end of dictator Fidel Castro, how he bamboozled his own people, and how his brother Raul still holds the island in an iron grip. Despite this, world leaders (and Jill Stein) are falling all over each other to heap praise upon his corpse. Hear the real truth about this monster. Also, Democrats are feeling a little regret from bullying Republicans around in congress all those years: The rules they changed to get Obama’s appointees in the door now work for Donald Trump’s! Hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth? read more

The Castros: One Down, One To Go


Fidel Castro, long-time leader of a revolution that made one country, Cuba, into a desperately poor dictatorship for generations and inspired another, Venezuela, to follow in its footsteps, is dead. Heads of state from every corner of the world are stepping over each other in the rush to heap praise upon someone who was, essentially, a New World Stalin.

In India, the prime minister mourns him as a “great friend”. In Mexico, he’s being praised as a friend as well by the president, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau calls him a “legendary revolutionary and orator”. The Pope expressed a sense of grief at the death of Fidel Castro, an avowed atheist. Even President Obama expressed condolences to the Cuban people (at least those still alive). read more

American Survival Radio #16

Summer Germs-image by

In this episode of American Survival Radio,  Joe and Amy Alton note the mess that Olympic Host Brazil is in, but look no further than the border to find a country in worse shape: Venezuela. After hurling insults our way for the last decade or so, the socialist country wants to re-establish diplomatic relations. We wonder if it’s because their people are starving and none too happy about it? Hear the sad story as Venezuelans wonder where their next meal is coming from. Also, summer has arrived and you’re going to be visiting lots of places that could make you seriously ill if you don’t watch out. The Altons tell you what these are, and how to stay healthy in the hot, hot sun.  Plus, a few thoughts about FBI director James Comey’s statements last week and how Hillary Clinton, probably President Hillary Clinton avoided a  trip to the Big House and cemented a trip to the White House. read more

Fruits of Socialism in Venezuela: No Fruit (or Anything Else You Can Eat)

supermarket shelves

A while ago, I called for the cancellation of the Summer Olympics in Brazil due to the Zika epidemic. since then,  all sorts of other evidence has arisen that the country is in chaos politically and economically. Certainly, no country in South America is in more trouble than Brazil, right?

Wrong. There’s our good friend Venezuela. You know, the one that called  our president “El Diablo” (The Devil)?

Once a wealthy and modern nation, a popular socialist movement (think Bernie Sanders on steroids) led by Hugo Chavez led to Venezuela’s transformation into, well, Cuba. Despite this dubious plan for future prosperity, Chavez remained popular until his death in 2013, and was replaced by his hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro. read more