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Fragging The Founding Fathers

George Washington

George Washington

Note: the text of this article was originally published in the Daily Caller)

The vandalism and removal of Confederate Civil War monuments no longer makes news in these jaded times. Now, however, the movement to obliterate history is sliding down the slippery slope that is its inevitable conclusion: The elimination of memorials to our (slave-owning) Founding Fathers.

At Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia, established in the late 1700s, one of those Founding Fathers was George Washington. There, the man who knelt and prayed at Valley Forge that awful winter more regularly knelt and prayed at Sunday services. read more

Fates of the Forgotten Founding Fathers

Fate of the Forgotten Founding Fathers

Thomas Nelson Jr., Founding Father

It’s Independence Day in the U.S., and famous names like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams come to mind.  It’s difficult to imagine that any of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence might not have been celebrated in their time.  Influential and affluent, these men were so well thought of that they were given the power to declare freedom from the greatest empire of its time.

Don’t think for a second that these 56 men didn’t understand the risks involved of leaving the British fold. Hostile soldiers were occupying their towns, even their homes.  The new country needed money and many of the signers loaned millions of dollars to the cause of freedom.  Their personal wealth, their reputations, and their very lives were put on the line.  They had committed high treason and they were in danger. read more