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American Survival Radio #67

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss how political the judicial system has become, with circuits courts commonly toeing the liberal line and attempting to disrupt the Trump agenda, and the Supreme Court righting the wrongs of the lower courts. Also, CNN drops to # 13 in a recent week of ratings, when will they realize they’re no longer in the news business, unless it anti-trump news?

Plus, Kate’s law finally is approved by the House, and will go to the Senate, plus bills approved by the House punishing sanctuary cities for not cooperating with the US government. Are we degenerating into a continent of city-states instead of a single country? read more

American Survival Radio #57

In this episode of American Survival Radio with hosts Joe and Amy Alton, we tell you a little story about a kid who takes a hand grenade everywhere he goes, and if you get him mad, he’s gonna use it. Guess who that kid is? Also, Ann Coulter jumps through hoops to get approval to speak at Berkeley, but the University is a harsh mistress and lays obstacles to free speech in…the “birthplace of free speech”.

Plus, 2 doctors and 1 other are arrested for performing female genital mutilation, sometimes called “female circumcision” on young girls, not in the Middle East, but in…Michigan. Lastly, the border wall may become a reality, but there are obstacles to an obstacle, it seems. Listen to the strategies the Left will use to frustrate those wanting a stronger border. read more

Is The Wall An Obstacle To…Itself?

(This article by Joe Alton first appeared in The Daily Caller)

Recently, President Donald Trump signed executive orders calling for the building of a wall on our southern border, as well as an expansion of border patrol forces and immigration officers.  Bids are coming in from construction firms, but will a wall ever get built? Or is the wall, or the mere idea of it, too big an obstacle to hurdle?

The president has said: “Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders…” read more

American Survival Radio #55

In this episode of American Survival Radio, hosts Joe and Amy Alton examine the journey of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and what we might expect in the future from SCOTUS. Also, a truck attack in Sweden highlights the major ill effect that an unlimited refugee program has on a nation that considers itself a liberal utopia. Finally, the second Civil War is now raging in the United States, with the left and the right replacing federals and confederates as unforgiving opponents. What this all means for the future of a truly divided country. read more

American Survival Radio #54

In this episode of American Survival Radio, hosts Joe and Amy Alton discuss the nature of war as it pertains to the Civil War in the US: Left vs. Right. It is a war, make no mistake, and someone will win it and someone will lose it. Also, it’s the end of the world as we know it, at least if you believe the media’s frothy venom regarding the climate accord, “free press”, and a Trump “dictatorship”. If Trump is such a dictator, how come he could even repeal Obamacare? More paranoia on the Left and it’s starting to wear on the average American. read more

Of Course, You Realize, This Means War!

(This article by Joe Alton first appeared in the Daily Caller)

I’m betraying my age by admitting that I watched Bugs Bunny cartoons during my childhood. (I should say reruns of Bugs Bunny cartoons; I’m not that old). Bugs was generally a peaceful get-along sort of rabbit; that is, until Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, or Wil E. Coyote got him mad. Once you raised the hackles of the hare, you were in a mess of trouble.

Democrats today are in the business of hackle-raising, and they’re doing a fine job of it. With eight years of Obama court appointees in their pocket, the anti-Trump strategy of death by a thousand judicial cuts is progressing nicely. Their legal (wrong word, perhaps) successes have left open the immigration floodgates, and it’s just the beginning: Wait until the courts get their hands on a border wall. One environmental impact lawsuit about the wall’s effect on the yellow-bellied swamp porcupine and…well, you get my drift. read more

American Survival Radio #52

In this episode of American Survival Radio, (march 18, 2017) hosts Joe and Amy Alton wonders if there will ever be hope for anyone who doesn’t follow the standard ultra-left philosophy on today’s campuses. Is there hope for the heterodox, in other words, those who would fight the orthodoxy of viewpoints on campus. Some professors are going out on a limb by joining The Heterodox Academy, a group of academics that espouses, we’re not kidding, free speech!

Also, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is having a grand old time overturning the entire Trump agenda. Now some are calling to split the 9th Circuit, far and away the largest territory for any Court of Appeals into two separate divisions. I thing you can guess who’s for it and who’s against it, besides the judges themselves. read more

American Survival Radio #51

In this episode of American Survival Radio (March 11, 2017), President Donald Trump gets a  lesson in partisanship from a judge in Hawaii when his greatly cleaned-up executive order on immigration is shot down yet again, with several other blue states following suit. Is there any chance that anything he has on the agenda is going to pass judicial muster with so many Obama appointees runnings our courts?

Plus, The Obamacare’s Repeal and Replace efforts may be dead in the water due to moderates insisting on keeping Medicaid expansion and ultra-conservatives demanding it be tossed out, and quickly. Is there any chance that we won’t have to deal with Obamacare for another four years? read more