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Can Our Churches Be Made Safe Again?

Church Safety

Church Safety

A gunman entered the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 27 and injuring 30 others at a Sunday religious service. Recently, similar acts of violence in places of worship have underscored the need for churches to plan ways to keep congregants safe. There is no place where crowds gather that is immune to the bad intentions of a disgruntled, deranged, or politically-motivated individual.

The premise that a ministry is based on peace fails to take into account that there are those who consider places of worship to be “soft” targets. In this era of active shooters and anti-Christian feeling, pastors must make sure their flock is safe, just like any shepherd must. Unfortunately, not all pastors understand the level of risk, even in “quiet” communities, and the importance of church safety in toxic times. In the New Normal, however, it has become part of the job description. read more

Stop the Open Season on Republicans

(This article first appeared in the Daily Caller.)

In Washington, D.C., where character assassination is a popular blood sport, actual assassination may become part of the New Normal in American politics.

Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise (R) and several more have become the latest casualties as the war against conservatives escalates in the ugliest way possible. Rep. Scalise and other Republican politicians, including Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, were practicing in Alexandria, Virginia, for the annual House-Senate baseball game when a lone gunman opened fire. Scalise was hit in the hip, landing him in the operating room in critical condition. read more

American Survival Radio #31


In this episode of American Survival Radio, the third presidential debate is discussed by hosts Joe and Amy Alton. Donald Trump did well, for him, but is it “well enough” to change the dynamics of his deteriorating campaign? Will he do what’s necessary to turn things around in the face of a biased press? Also, Hillary’s stance on gun control is already being tested in courts, with a recent case dismissed that would have allowed gun manufacturers to be sued, like tobacco companies were, for injuries and deaths caused by their products. Expect more challenges to come in a Clinton presidency. read more