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A Most “Un-Civil” War

(This article by Joe Alton first appeared in the Daily Caller)

The deep political divisions that have plagued the nation during the 21st Century have been compared to the Civil War of the 19thCentury. This Civil War, however, is most “un-civil”.

The war between the North and South is, perhaps, mischaracterized as a civil war. In a civil war, two factions are battling for control of a single government. The South, having no interest in dominion over Lincoln’s government, seceded instead to form their own. A better example would be the English Civil War of the 17th Century, where Royalists and Puritans fought for dominance. read more

Of Course, You Realize, This Means War!

(This article by Joe Alton first appeared in the Daily Caller)

I’m betraying my age by admitting that I watched Bugs Bunny cartoons during my childhood. (I should say reruns of Bugs Bunny cartoons; I’m not that old). Bugs was generally a peaceful get-along sort of rabbit; that is, until Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, or Wil E. Coyote got him mad. Once you raised the hackles of the hare, you were in a mess of trouble.

Democrats today are in the business of hackle-raising, and they’re doing a fine job of it. With eight years of Obama court appointees in their pocket, the anti-Trump strategy of death by a thousand judicial cuts is progressing nicely. Their legal (wrong word, perhaps) successes have left open the immigration floodgates, and it’s just the beginning: Wait until the courts get their hands on a border wall. One environmental impact lawsuit about the wall’s effect on the yellow-bellied swamp porcupine and…well, you get my drift. read more

American Survival Radio #44

In this issue of American Survival Radio, hosts Joe and Amy Alton discuss the Trump inauguration in detail, plus the actions of a significant minority of Democrats to delegitimize the new President by not attending. One of them is Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis. When is it acceptable to criticize some who has past good deeds for current misguided misdeeds? Mr. Lewis has, since election to congress in the 1980s, been one of the most partisan Democrats and the least likely to reach across the aisle. read more

Is an Icon Immune to Criticism?

Is there a point where, due to past good deeds, a politician becomes immune to criticism? Does anyone really deserve that status?

John Lewis, son of sharecroppers, became a pillar of the Civil Rights movement for, among other things, helping to organize the 1963 March on Washington. In his efforts to bring about non-violent change, he himself was the target of physical violence on several occasions. Since his election to Congress in 1986 from a safe Democrat district, however, he’s been a partisan for the party that was responsible for the violence visited upon him. read more

American Survival Radio #43

In this episode of American Survival Radio with Joe and Amy Alton, our hosts discuss the insidious undercurrent regarding the Obama administration ending of the Wet Foot, Dry Foot policy. This program helped Cubans fleeing the communist island get residency. Now, they’ll be sent back, where they’ll get a warm welcome from Raul Castro. Maybe too warm.

Also, Big Media gets a spanking from the President-Elect when they can’t contain themselves at a press conference. Is this the way it’s going to be for the rest of Trump’s time in office? You betcha. read more

Big Media Needs a Good Spanking

Press conferences are usually pretty staid affairs, with long policy questions and longer policy answers. You might also hear some ridiculous fluff questions, such as the NY Times’ Jeff Zeleny’s hero-worship query to Obama in 2009:

“During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office? Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?”

No more. In a raucous and contentious press conference, Donald Trump was reminded why it had been a long time since the last question and answer session with the deranged and bitter media. The President-Elect can only expect more of the same for the duration of his time in office. read more

American Survival Radio #42

In this episode of American Survival Radio with Joe and Amy Alton, our hosts tackle the issue of Julian Assange, Russia, and the effects of WikiLeaks on the recent election. We, as a country, need stronger cyber-security, but why is no one talking about the fact that the leaks were all true information? If an American reporter leaked this information, would he/she be a hero? Don’t we have a right to know what political elites really think of the nation’s voters?

Also, the Altons discuss how the recent nightclub shootings in Istanbul are following the blueprint from the Orlando shooting of last year, and how nightclubs and bars are especially soft targets for terrorists, just like street crowds have become soft targets for vehicular attacks. read more

American Survival Radio #40

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Chicago murders have reached 755 in time for Christmas. With Baltimore throwing in 300 more and Washington DC 128 homicides, these three cities are giving other big metropolises a bad name, accounting for more than 50% of the murders in our 30 largest cities.

Plus, it appears that some people don’t want you on their commercial flight if you don’t agree with the political beliefs. At least, that the case with a liberal lawyer and his college professor partner when, shaking with rage, one of them (with a small child in tow) screamed at Ivanka Trump and her three small children. This act got them politely escorted off and placed on the very next flight, although they probably gave Ivanka’s kids nightmares enough to last a lifetime. Image if someone did that with Obama’s kids? read more

American Survival Radio #39

andrew hamilton


In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss Hamilton electors, the small group of the faithless who will vote against their constituents’ wishes because, well, they think they know better. Also, a few reasons why you shouldn’t just assume that Hillary Clinton would have won the popular vote even if those were the rules to begin with.

With Jim Comey back in the shadows and the recent recount fizzles, desperate anti-Trumpers have turned to Russian hacking as the reason that Trump should be denied the presidency. These are the same folks who pushed a big red “reset” button with Vladimir Putin and told us we were all going to be buddies, and laughed at Mitt Romney when he said the Russians were going to be a major geopolitical force again. read more

American Survival Radio #38


In this episode of American Survival Radio, hosts Joe and Amy Alton discuss faithless electors and their long-shot efforts to derail the election of Donald Trump. Plus, the press is crying out against the “lack of experience” of some of Trump appointees, like Ben Carson, but is a cabinet job, pardon the Carson pun, brain surgery? What you need and what you don’t to function in a cabinet post.

Also, the Oakland Warehouse fire claims 36 lives of people at a dance party, but was found to be an illegal residence, without fire alarms or sprinklers, that was, essentially, a death trap. Did Oakland City officials drop the ball by being “kind-hearted” to these squatters? No city inspector had entered the building for a decade despite building violation complaints (5 in the last 2 years). Find out more and what you can do to avoid finding yourself in this situation. read more

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