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In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss President Trump’s largely successful Middle East and European trip. The president doesn’t get much good news published in the media, but it’s good to see that some countries are glad to see him, if not his own. Also. historical monuments are coming down at a rapid pace, with confederate memorials taking the worst hit, but even anti-confederate Sam Houston of Texas may be on his way out due to pressure from the Left. Joe and Amy discuss what happens when you whitewash the past of inconvenient, even ugly, events.

Plus, the bombing of teenage girls in Manchester, England is just one of the most recent of the terror wave in Great Britain, more on what happens if you spend time in crowds in the island nation. Lastly, Montana candidate for congress Gianforte body slams a reporter to the floor, then wins election. What does that tell you about the public’s opinion of the press nowadays?

All this and more on American Survival Radio #62!

Joe and Amy Alton

The Altons

The Altons