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In this episode of American Survival Radio (March 25, 2017), host Joe Alton goes it alone when Amy leaves times for family business.  The attack on Westminster bridge by a jihadist kills several, wounds many more, and points to the new blueprint for terrorists. They don’t need a bomb, they don’t need guns, they just need a vehicle to kill and maim innocent citizens. Find out what you can do to identify and avoid these threats in the uncertain future.  (Dr. Alton’s article on vehicular terror on this website has so far been picked up by at least 20 other sites!)

Plus, the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare crashes and burns as a number of Republicans just can’t find a way to support a compromise. President Trump expects to be dealing, but his previous deals were with businessmen, now he has to deal with politicians. I don’t envy him. Plus, the petty attempts to assassinate Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s character. Should Democrats pick their fights better?

All this and more in American Survival Radio #53.


Joe Alton

Joe and Amy Alton