In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss the riot at the University of California at Berkeley in response to the attempt of a conservative speaker to voice his opinions. The sold-out event was cancelled when more than a thousand protesters violently demonstrated outside the venue. Find out more about this abhorrent action by the Left and how Berkeley, the birthplace of the “Free Speech Movement”, is now the birthplace of the “Anti-Free Speech Movement”.

Also, liberals are opposing Judge Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court, in part, because they are afraid Roe vs. Wade will be overturned. Find out the realities about this issue, and how a Justice Gorsuch would have little effect on abortion in the United States. For now.

Lastly, NY Senator and minority leader Chuck Schumer is going ballistic on a regular basis in the new Trump administration. When the Schumer hits the fan, it’s considered resistance, but when Republicans objected to President Obama’s action, it was obstructionism.

All this and more in American Survival Radio #46. To listen in, click below:


Joe and Amy Alton