In this episode of American Survival Radio, Chicago murders have reached 755 in time for Christmas. With Baltimore throwing in 300 more and Washington DC 128 homicides, these three cities are giving other big metropolises a bad name, accounting for more than 50% of the murders in our 30 largest cities.

Plus, it appears that some people don’t want you on their commercial flight if you don’t agree with the political beliefs. At least, that the case with a liberal lawyer and his college professor partner when, shaking with rage, one of them (with a small child in tow) screamed at Ivanka Trump and her three small children. This act got them politely escorted off and placed on the very next flight, although they probably gave Ivanka’s kids nightmares enough to last a lifetime. Image if someone did that with Obama’s kids?

Plus, the Dem’s and Green Party dreams of overturning the election with recounts and faithless electors goes into the dustbin of history. The Altons discuss why these types of parlor tricks don’t  and shouldn’t work, no matter who’s elected. Russians, an easy target for fixing an election, are also discussed and if, of all places, was also the beneficiary of some shady relationship with Vladimir Putin; otherwise, how else would they get the emails they just “discovered”? I’ve got an idea: Maybe the Democrats aren’t so great with cybersecurity. Plus, how an inside job, maybe by a Bernie supporter, makes a lot more sense than the Russians but you’ll never hear about it.

Vehicular terrorism is becoming a common event these days, find out more about how to protect your family from someone who wants to run a few people over.

All this in the latest American Survival Radio podcast!

Joe and Amy Alton