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In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss Hamilton electors, the small group of the faithless who will vote against their constituents’ wishes because, well, they think they know better. Also, a few reasons why you shouldn’t just assume that Hillary Clinton would have won the popular vote even if those were the rules to begin with.

With Jim Comey back in the shadows and the recent recount fizzles, desperate anti-Trumpers have turned to Russian hacking as the reason that Trump should be denied the presidency. These are the same folks who pushed a big red “reset” button with Vladimir Putin and told us we were all going to be buddies, and laughed at Mitt Romney when he said the Russians were going to be a major geopolitical force again.

Now, these same folks are saying even Russian vodka is bad, and all this from the nice people who brought you an innovation that we have in common with the old Soviet Union: The Welfare State.

All this and more in American Survival Radio #39 with Joe and Amy Alton. Oh, and Merry Christmas!


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