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In this episode of American Survival Radio, with Joe and Amy Alton, Florida gets hit with a hurricane for the first time in a decade. Complacency leads to mad rushes at the supermarket for supplies and empty shelves, so how should you prepare beforehand for a hurricane, and what would help protect you during and after the storm? Also, Colin Kaepernick makes the roster at the S.F. 49ers despite sitting for the national anthem at games due to America’s oppression of black folks, especially by police. Is he a spoiled brat, a traitor, a hero? And why do multiracial people refuse to acknowledge the white part of their genetic background?

Plus, Donald Trump gets it right and then does it wrong on immigration, making it clearer and clearer that we might be saying “Madame President” after November. Is there something that can avoid this headlong rush to an unrecognizable America in the future?

All this and more on (click here) American Survival Radio #24 with Joe and Amy Alton!

American Survival Radio

Joe and Amy Alton