In this episode of American Survival Radio, we focus on two recent natural disasters: The floods in Louisiana and the wildfires in California. We discuss all the latest news plus all sorts of tips that would help keep you, your home, and your family safe if you were caught in floods or wildfires. You might find it interesting that places that have wildfires become at risk for flooding later by “scars” that occur on the ground; water can’t absorb into the hardened soil and flash flooding can occur!

Also, some commentary on Ryan Lochte and the indignant Brazilian authorities who are trying to save face by bullying our athletes into “confessions” of wrongdoing. Truthfully, the worse offense perpetrated by our boys was public urination, as far as I can tell. Yet, in order to get on a plane back home, they have to apologize as if they were political prisoners of the North Koreans. Ugh.

All this and more in (click the link to listen in) American Survival Radio #22!


Joe and Amy Alton

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