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Welcome to American Survival Radio! We’re Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP, NY Times and Amazon bestselling writers on disaster preparedness who normally focus on medical issues you’ll encounter in times of trouble. On American Survival Radio, however, we’re going to step out on a limb and talk about all the news that affect, well, America’s survival in the uncertain future. You can expect no-holds-barred opinions on the issues that form the storm clouds that are clearly on the horizon, and we’ll try to find the silver lining. If you want to keep it together, even if everything falls apart, you’ll get the advice you’re looking for on American Survival Radio.

In our first episode, we talk about the active shooter and how to stay alive if you’re caught in the middle of a terror event. We talk about Zika virus, a mosquito-borne illness that will arrive in the U.S. in numbers as the weather gets warmer. Plus, how Election 2016 will matter to you and what some questions you might ask yourself as you make a (very important) decision.

Joe and Amy Alton

P.S. This website is under construction at present, stay tuned as we develop it to give you all the tools to stay on top of current events that will affect your family in good times or bad…

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