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Is an Icon Immune to Criticism?

Is there a point where, due to past good deeds, a politician becomes immune to criticism? Does anyone really deserve that status?

John Lewis, son of sharecroppers, became a pillar of the Civil Rights movement for, among other things, helping to organize the 1963 March on Washington. In his efforts to bring about non-violent change, he himself was the target of physical violence on several occasions. Since his election to Congress in 1986 from a safe Democrat district, however, he’s been a partisan for the party that was responsible for the violence visited upon him.

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American Survival Radio #43

In this episode of American Survival Radio with Joe and Amy Alton, our hosts discuss the insidious undercurrent regarding the Obama administration ending of the Wet Foot, Dry Foot policy. This program helped Cubans fleeing the communist island get residency. Now, they’ll be sent back, where they’ll get a warm welcome from Raul Castro. Maybe too warm.

Also, Big Media gets a spanking from the President-Elect when they can’t contain themselves at a press conference. Is this the way it’s going to be for the rest of Trump’s time in office? You betcha.

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Big Media Needs a Good Spanking

Press conferences are usually pretty staid affairs, with long policy questions and longer policy answers. You might also hear some ridiculous fluff questions, such as the NY Times’ Jeff Zeleny’s hero-worship query to Obama in 2009:

“During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office? Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?”

No more. In a raucous and contentious press conference, Donald Trump was reminded why it had been a long time since the last question and answer session with the deranged and bitter media. The President-Elect can only expect more of the same for the duration of his time in office.

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American Survival Radio #42

In this episode of American Survival Radio with Joe and Amy Alton, our hosts tackle the issue of Julian Assange, Russia, and the effects of WikiLeaks on the recent election. We, as a country, need stronger cyber-security, but why is no one talking about the fact that the leaks were all true information? If an American reporter leaked this information, would he/she be a hero? Don’t we have a right to know what political elites really think of the nation’s voters?

Also, the Altons discuss how the recent nightclub shootings in Istanbul are following the blueprint from the Orlando shooting of last year, and how nightclubs and bars are especially soft targets for terrorists, just like street crowds have become soft targets for vehicular attacks.

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Nightclubs: Soft Targets for Terrorists

In an attack reminiscent of the Orlando terror event last year, a popular nightclub became a slaughterhouse on New Year’s Eve when a gunman caused 39 deaths and about 70 injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the incident.

As a physician, my focus is how to heal wounds, not how to cause them. A terrorist, however, has quite different goals. Normally, they have a short window of opportunity, and their focus is to cause as many casualties as possible during their brief (hopefully) remaining time on Earth.

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American Survival Radio #41

In this episode of American Survival Radio with Joe and Amy Alton, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry give the state of Israel a list of demands to keep a two-state solution on the table. The only problem is, there’s no one sitting across from Israel at that table. A recent UN resolution passed with the complicity of an abstention by the United States which declared Israeli settlements in occupied lands to be illegal and in violation of international law. Currently, almost 600,000 Jews live in areas captured during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and considered to be Palestinian territory.

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American Survival Radio #40

In this episode of American Survival Radio, Chicago murders have reached 755 in time for Christmas. With Baltimore throwing in 300 more and Washington DC 128 homicides, these three cities are giving other big metropolises a bad name, accounting for more than 50% of the murders in our 30 largest cities.

Plus, it appears that some people don’t want you on their commercial flight if you don’t agree with the political beliefs. At least, that the case with a liberal lawyer and his college professor partner when, shaking with rage, one of them (with a small child in tow) screamed at Ivanka Trump and her three small children. This act got them politely escorted off and placed on the very next flight, although they probably gave Ivanka’s kids nightmares enough to last a lifetime. Image if someone did that with Obama’s kids?

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Obama to Israel: Drop Dead

In a parting shot to the Jewish state, President Obama directed Samantha Powers, the U.S. delegate to the United Nations to abstain from voting on a resolution to condemn Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, including portions of Jerusalem.

The resolution declares the settlements “in flagrant violation” of international law. It states, in part, that Israel should: “…immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem” and that the Israeli settlements have “no legal validity”.

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Vehicular Terrorism

CNN reports that a man in Berlin used a truck to plow through a group of people at a Christmas market, killing 9 and injuring 50 more. The tractor trailer appeared to deliberately ram through several stalls at what is estimated to be 40 miles per hour; German authorities are treating the incident, at present, as a terror event.
The attack appears to parallel the cargo truck killing of 86 people and the wounding of 434 others in Nice, France during a fireworks display on a national holiday. On a smaller scale, a Somali student at Ohio State University recently ran down a number of people before leaving his car and stabbing several others with a large knife. A pattern seems to be emerging where a vehicle is used to cause casualties in public spaces.

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American Survival Radio #39

andrew hamilton


In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton discuss Hamilton electors, the small group of the faithless who will vote against their constituents’ wishes because, well, they think they know better. Also, a few reasons why you shouldn’t just assume that Hillary Clinton would have won the popular vote even if those were the rules to begin with.

With Jim Comey back in the shadows and the recent recount fizzles, desperate anti-Trumpers have turned to Russian hacking as the reason that Trump should be denied the presidency. These are the same folks who pushed a big red “reset” button with Vladimir Putin and told us we were all going to be buddies, and laughed at Mitt Romney when he said the Russians were going to be a major geopolitical force again.

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